Yaqin MS-20L Tube Amplifier

Yaqin MS-20L Tube Amplifier

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“New to tube sound, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but had an idea in all the research and comments on tubes. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL. In fact I was somewhat blown away at first ” light up “. Maybe it was just the song, but WOW everything was better from top to bottom. The difference was night and day in comparison to the Onk which wasn’t bad, but the Yaqin was better/different in all categories.” Read

“Turned the map on, waited for 20 seconds for it to come alive. And started playback…. What can I say. The whole music scene came alive – I felt the band in the room – incredibly realistic, incredibly warm – complete sonic nirvana. Superb reproduction of Vocal Jazz!!! It’s still burning in and I can hear harsh notes, but overall very impressive. “

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3 thoughts on “Yaqin MS-20L Tube Amplifier

  1. First but short step for me into tube world. Short because I sold the amp to upgrade to McIntosh 275. This amp allowed me to explore the world and get crazy about it 0_o. This amp is definitely worth its price. The tubes that came with the amp are shit. With tube upgrade – the amp will be much more capable of producing even better sound. If you want solid bass, this amp is not it, but if you are reading this, you are not interested in SS. I believe that all speakers should be matched with a good sub-woofer, so the whole – “Tube amp is not good for bass” is kind of mute. If you like vocal jazz this amp is great, if you are planning to play rock and complex music, the amp is falling apart – it might be just the stock tubes, but I didn’t have time to roll them.

  2. Yeh. I got the amp to run with Yaqin phono stage and it sounds good. Like the warmth. I still use the original tubes, but plan to buy something like Tung-sol to give it a bit more sparkle. I’ve red that rolling power tubes doesn’t change sound as much, so I’ll stay away from that

    • I rolled output tubes in my MC and couldn’t hear a difference. NOS KT88 are crazy expensive, so I’ll keep Pentas for now, but rolling input stage tubes (in Yaqin case all 8 should be rolled – but front 4 for sure) could make a huge difference. You can try different brands for first 2 tubes in each section and for the second 2 tubes. I wouldn’t recommend mixing tubes inside section.

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