Ultrasonic Record LP cleaning

Vinyl Stack ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit

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“… there are now more than I had been used to hearing – and such breadth, depth and power. It’s to die for.” Read

“I have also cleaned many previously noisy records and most of them came out quiet.” Read

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One thought on “Ultrasonic Record LP cleaning

  1. I’ve been cleaning LPs using different methods for may years now.

    I tried Nitty Gritty, manual machine – not bad, but huge PITA when cleaning a lot of LPs. I tried VPI 16.5 – petter than Nitty Gritty, records became quieter, but not all of them were restored to their original sound – even if there are no scratches. I build DIY Keith Monks machine based on Pioneer PL-600 – very good cleaning results, so I settled down with this solution for a few years.

    Lately I’ve been reading a lot about Ultrasonic cleaning machines. They sounded fantastic, but I was not going to spend $3,000 – $4,000 on a record cleaning machine – it’s not wroth it to me. So I decided to do more research and go DIY route. After a bit of research, it looks like there is not need to do DIY – there is a great kit from Vinyl Stack. Their ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit saved me a lot of work and an ability to clean 4 records at the same time! Cost is reasonable: $290. Next was a choice of Ultrasonic bath. Vinyl Stack recommends 9L machine, but based on my measurements 6L machine would work great. So I grabbed this 200W ultrasonic cleaner for $142.

    So all in all around $440 for everything I needed to do ultrasonic cleaning. I will figure out what to do with the remaining $3,500. 🙂

    The results – It’s absolute magic, even disks that were cleaned with other methods, improved significantly. As one reviewer mentioned, the results of the ultrasonic cleaning is like buying a new phono cartridge that is 2-3 times more expensive. Results with my ZYX 4D were beyond description. It doesn’t fix scratches, but works beautifully on any dirt.

    So if you love great sound and get it from LPs, this is a must now. If before to get into the game, you would need to spend thousands, now just $450 will give you the same results.

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