One thought on “Audio-Technica AT237E Phono Cartridge

  1. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to review this cartridge at first – this is super rare revision of AT cartridges – to the point where I couldn’t find any info on it, except for what was included in a box.

    What pushed me to write a review is the fact that this fairly inexpensive cartridge made me listen to some performances with more enjoyment than cartridges that cost over $3,000!!!

    The main strength of this cartridge to create an intimate presentation of solo vocalist. I listen to a lot of those 🙂 Especially solo with a guitar sounds fantastic. The cartridge is very forward sounding, but what that does is that it brings the music in the room – not much sound-stage, but hey these are almost mono recordings – a guitar and a voice. This cartridge creates a feeling that the performer is in the room, with me, right there, where expensive MC cartridges put that performer on a stage with all the ambiance. So you can see why liked this cartridge a lot. In addition to very personal presentation.

    Unlike many other AT cartridges I tried, this one one doesn’t sound bright – actually it’s on a warmer side of a presentation, great benefit for male vocals.

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