Tung-Sol KT170 to be introduced

Tung-Sol KT170 to be introduced

Exciting news. Tung-Sol is releasing a new tube – Tung-Sol KT170. The tubes are capable of power dissipation of 85 watts (vs 70 watts for it’s predecessor KT150) and can do 300 watts in push-pull mode. This will be a huge tube (137x68mm/5.5×2.6inch)! The availability and exact tech specs are TBD.

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One thought on “Tung-Sol KT170 to be introduced

  1. And now the official announcement:

    Tung-Sol KT170
    Due to the success of the KT120 and KT150 tubes and the popularity of
    these tubes with High-End Audio manufacturers, the Tung-Sol KT170
    tube has been developed to provide a beam tetrode with even more
    power capability. The Tung-Sol KT170 has a power dissipation of 85
    watts allowing amplifiers using a pair of these tubes to reach power
    output levels in excess of 300 watts.

    The Tung-Sol KT170 has an original shape glass bulb that was designed
    specifically to maintain the highest vacuum and dissipate heat when
    the tube is operated at high power levels. The Tung-Sol KT170 also has
    an equipotential cathode for increased reliability and to effectively
    amplify audio frequencies in the output stages of High-End Audio

    The Tung-Sol KT170 is the largest and most powerful tube in the 6550,
    KT88, KT90, KT120, and KT150 series of audio tubes.

    The specs have been released as well: Specs

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