Genalex KT88 England

Genalex KT88 England

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One thought on “Genalex KT88 England

  1. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this tube for quite a while, but due to its cost, it was just not possible. Finally, I broke down and got a quad for my MC275 amp.

    Do I regret the decision? It’s hundreds of dollars of hard-earned money. I can’t answer that question 🙂 The worth of something really depends on a person. Will I sell them? Absolutely not.

    The tubes didn’t disappoint. They are the best sounding KT88 in my McIntosh. It sounds like everything is done correctly in that tube, from the bottom, which is very tight and well structured, to the top, which is even more extended than one my favorite GE 6550A. Previously I had to SED Winged C 6550C in the amp, but now they had to go. Although the bass of SED tubes was very similar, the SED tubes couldn’t compete in the top-end extension or the mid-range delicacy. Vocals sound quite magical with these tubes. And rock – well it rocks!

    Outside of the sound, Genalex is quite unique when it comes to KT88/6550 tubes. The tube has been created as the answer to American 6550 tubes, but took the power handling to a new level – 600 volts for 6550 (660 for 6550A) to 800 volts for Genalex KT88!!! That would make the tubes last for much longer than 3000 hours in an amp that has been created for regular 6550/KT88 tubes.

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