Tung-Sol 6CG7 Black Plate Triple Mica

Tung-Sol 6CG7 Black plated Triple Mica

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One thought on “Tung-Sol 6CG7 Black Plate Triple Mica

  1. Another fantastic tube from Tung-Sol. Super rare 6CG7 black plates with triple mica. I don’t know how we got from this kind of tube to the new production tubes, which can’t stand even close to these.

    What a wonderful tube across the board – huge sound stage, great, tight bass and a nice touch of warmth – not too much where it’s starting to loose transparency, but the tubeness that makes us come back to tubes. Great extension on the top. Midrange is very relaxed and open, but not to the point of becoming boring. It’s hard to find a fault in the tube – it’s not just one of the best 6CG7, but one of the best pre-amp tubes out there. If you can find it – don’t let it escape. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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