Osram/Genalex Z77 EF91 Silver glass

Osram Z77

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One thought on “Osram/Genalex Z77 EF91 Silver glass

  1. This is one of the very few tubes that made Little Dot shine. Superb midrange that makes you stop and listen – tube rolling practically stops when this tube is used. It’s quite enchanting – not only midragen is relaxed, but it’s very detailed at the same time – every single inflection of singer’s voice is carried forward, every single undertone is communicated perfectly. The tube has a fantastic sound stage – wide and well defined. When a piano is playing, you can truly feel its presence – with every note being exceptionally transparent. Bass is fast and well structured. Top is a bit rolled off, but none the less details are all there and cymbals are very sweet. Incredible tube sound. I had two tubes that were marked Osram or Genalex. the only in this review is with silvery deposit on the glass. Blue glass tube also sounded very nice, but not as good as silver one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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