Tung-Sol 6201/12at7wa Black Plates

Tung-Sol 6201/12at7wa Black Plates

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“12AT7 Tungsol sound superb, especially the 1950’s black plate; very clear, great upper midrange presence, extended highs, wide soundstage”

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One thought on “Tung-Sol 6201/12at7wa Black Plates

  1. And I listened to it and it was gooood. This is one superb tube. As soon as the music starts, you will feel that all the barriers between music and you are gone and you can submerge completely into the deep soundstage created by the tube. Fantastic details and very solid bass make this tube on of the best 12at7 tubes that I’ve ever had a pleasure to experience. It’s much more solid and full bodied than European counterparts (except for M8162 from Mulalrd). It plays music with great authority and energy. One of the great things with the tube is that it holds a great balance between liquidity and sharpness of details – very much like Sylvania 5751 Black Plates. And again, there is one problem with the tube – it’s impossible to find. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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