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JJ ECC83SLoading...

From one of the stores that sells this tube – “The ECC83S is great tube with a tight low end, a very natural and harmonically complex mid with VERY good definition and a sweet high end that is not brittle.” Read

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One thought on “JJ ECC83S

  1. Hmmmmm. Low microphonics, yes; tight low end, yes; natural sound – are are freaking kidding me! Compared to the modern tubes it’s not half bad, but this is a VERY shitty tube when it comes in contact with the truly great tubes of the past. I’m not sure what it is with the current engineering practices, but being an engineer I’m quite embarrassed. How come with all our “Superior technology” we can’t make a very simple tube sound as good as it did 50-60 years ago???? This tube is a perfect example. It’s a “replica” of Telefunken ecc803S AND has the same numbering scheme, but the number is where the similarity ends! The tube doesn’t sound at all like the Telefunken or Tesla E83CC. And if you compare internal construction of of Telefunken/Tesla & JJ – you would understand that JJ was make by somebody with ADD!!!! No attention to details, no pride in their own work – how can somebody create this kind of piece of shit???? They have all the specs of the previous tubes and the only thing they can do with it is Fuck it up. STAY AWAY!!!

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