Tung-Sol 5687 Horse Shoe getter

Tung-Sol 5687 Horse Shoe getter

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One thought on “Tung-Sol 5687 Horse Shoe getter

  1. A lot of talk about this tube for the fans of 5687. Not a lot of amps use the tube, but ones that do truly shine. The tube has incredible transcondactance for such a small tube making it a perfect driver tube for those powerful triodes and pentodes. Sound wise, Tung-Sol has a very captivating sound. Bass is strong and tight without being mushy and top end, although is not as extended as GE 5687, is sweeter. The magic for Tung-sol happens in mid range. Vocals come very clear, luscious and relaxed – there absolutely no strain felt in the sound. Add to that fantastic linearity and low noise and you have a perfect tube… well not quite. A lot of 5867 from TS are suffering from microphonics. So be careful when you are buying them, you might get a gem or would have to return the tubes (make sure that the sellers accept returns and test tubes in an audio circuit and not just a tube tester). RECOMMENDED

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