One thought on “Mullard EL34 Metal Base

  1. Talking about one of the most desired output tube! Why does it cost so much? Is the price actually worth it? How much different is it compared to the other EL34, including Mullard’s own black base XF1? Interesting fact about the tube is that it’s not even made by Mullard – it’s made by Philips in Holland. New versions like xF1 are made in Blackburn factory, but this treasure is Philips made tube for Mullard. You can find them with different silk screens, including Amperex Bugle Boy and they all come from the same place. The sound of this tube is fantastic and is different from Blackburn tubes. Dynamics, Dynamics, Dynamics!!! When you listen to the tube you would hear bass coming tight and strong to the point where the rhythm is carried through so well that you wouldn’t be able to help yourself, but to tap your foot with the rhythm. Later versions don’t do as good of the job in that area. In other aspects, the tube is quite similar to Blackburn. Great mids and extended highs. I compared the tube to many other tubes including Genalex KT66 & RCA 6L6GC black plates and none of them had the same tight and fantastic bass. So if dynamics are important to you (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be), this is the tube to have! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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