Tung-Sol 5687 Flat Ribbed Plates D-getter

Tung-Sol 5687 flat plates

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One thought on “Tung-Sol 5687 Flat Ribbed Plates D-getter

  1. And finally one of the most famous and elusive tubes Tung-Sol 5687 with flat ribbed plates (similar to 12au7 construction). The tube is quite easy to spot even with so-so pictures – the majority of them have D-getter that goes straight up, so it makes the tube to have getter only on one side. I did come across some with the same plates but with raised horse shoe getter, the same as with later 5687 with regular plates. Now about the sound, NICE… very rich with super bass and great high frequency extension. Sound wise, it reminds me a lot of RCA 12ax7 with D-getter, although Tung-Sol has tighter bass. When compared to the regular (vertical ribbed plates), this tube have creamier and richer sound, but the vocals are not as delicate. So overall a very nice tube that has very creamy vintage sound and truly deserves its fame and following. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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