Tung-sol 12au7 Black Glass

Tung-sol 12au7 Black Glass

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“…His tonal palette was immediately richer, as if some sonic architect during his construction painted the midbass with broad, bold strokes and then said, “we build here”…Read

“This is another great tube in the line up. It is smooth, graceful, transparent, and articulate. Its treble is as good as the Mullard 10M but presented in a different style. ” Read

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One thought on “Tung-sol 12au7 Black Glass

  1. A superb tube. Very well balanced. Very strong Bass. Clean and articulate mid-range. Very bright and airy HF. Sound stage is fantastic – three dimensional, but yet well defined. This tube comes very close to Telefunken smooth plates. I compared it to RCA clear top and Amperex and this tube is a clear winner. It’s getting very expensive though. If you like very detailed, very airy sound with a fantastic sound stage – this tube in 12au7 family is it. Nothing else comes close. Tried it in two amps with the same results.

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