Amperex 12au7 Bugle Boy

Amperex 12au7 Bugle Boy

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“Very well made, low noise tubes, the large halo type being acclaimed as sounding near longplate in quality. “ Read

” Amperex 12AU7 (Heerlen factory): excellent tube top to bottom. This one does it all.” Read

“I think the bugleboys are a bit better,but I might be fooling myself, so these comments apply to any Holland made Amperex 12AU7. Full range, nice extension on top with a great sense of vibrancy, transparency and life with very good focus. This tube sounds warm, vibrant, exciting, extended & clean on top, yet smooth and fatigue free all at the same time. “ Read

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3 thoughts on “Amperex 12au7 Bugle Boy

  1. It’s kind of irrelevant to write a review for this tube. It’s fantastic! The high frequencies are very sweet. great mid-range that makes you feel that the singer is singing to you and to you alone and fantastic bass – very tight and controlled. Listening to Lisa Wahlandt singing “Here, There And Everywhere” makes you feel her presence in the room and the warmth of her voice filling it up. Highly recommended. Usually you can get them around $15-20 on ebay.

  2. Delicate, smooth, intimate, controlled and well-balanced. Nice soundstage – Allman Brothers guitar solo came right out “front-and-center” 5 feet in front of the speakers and did it’s thing (sounded like candy). These tubes will put a smile on your face.

    Amperex 12au7 Buggle Boy – 4.5 stars

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