Toshiba 6bq5/EL84

Toshiba 6bq5/EL84

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One thought on “Toshiba 6bq5/EL84

  1. No that is a very interesting tube. This is the second time when I come across Toshiba and second time I like it a lot. This time it was Toshiba 6bq5. This tube is very close to Mullard in sound. Great weight and body to the music. Tight bass – not as tight as Saratov, but more than Amperex and Telefunken. Very nice warmness in middle with great, although a bit rolled off HF. Very relaxing tube to listen to. Airy, but at the same time not icy. With all the other tubes around, this became my tube of choice… for now, until I find a better tube 🙂 highly Recommended.

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