Amperex 12au7 Long Plates

Amperex 12au7 Long Plates

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“…to listen to your Amperex D-Getter 12AU7 1959 vintage because it most closely approximates “The Tube of No Tube”. Read

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3 thoughts on “Amperex 12au7 Long Plates

  1. WOW. If there is a music nirvana, this is it. This is the smoothest tube (ain’t this is why we get tube gear?). It’s like baby’s “youknowwhat”:) Extremely smooth, but at the same time detailed and refined. This is one of the very few tubes that doesn’t carry low frequency extension and make it into overpowering mid-bass making female singers sing in bass. The tube maintains that sweet HF that we come to expect of Amperex tubes. Almost extincts like dinosaurs – expensive like an airplane. Find it and buy it – this might end your tube rolling forever. Not for me though 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  2. Update: well not quite, but I did keep these in for a few months straight and that’s saying something. Very enjoyable, until I set “brand obsession” aside and really gave the Sylvania JHS 5814 Gray Plates a chance.

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