One thought on “Telefunken ECC85/6AQ8

  1. Great tube, but the performance differs significantly depending on the type. I have two of these tubes – one with standard metal grid rods and other is with copper grid rods. Both are Telefunken with Diamond on the bottom. The copper rod version is by far a better tube. It has very solid body compared to a thin bodied presentation of the other tube. Both produce very transparent sound with great air, but in area of musicality copper rod version wins again. Copper rod version is definitely one of the best ECC85 tubes that I’ve listened to. Great across the board and doesn’t suffer from usual Telefunken’s thinnes, unless it’s a standard rod version. Another interesting fact about these tubes is that PCC85 and ECC85 could be used interchangeably in the majority of places. With PCC85 version being cheaper than ECC85, it could be a great alternative. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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