Siemens ECC85/6AQ8

Siemens ECC85/6AQ8

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“when i upgrade it to ECC85 NOS Siemens,the sound became stunning in therms of detail and depth” Read

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One thought on “Siemens ECC85/6AQ8

  1. Great tube from Siemens. Not a very well know tube, but it has the same pinout as 6DJ8/ECC88 & 6CG7 tubes. It’s not a direct replacement for either tubes though; however, I tried it in multiple applications that take 6DJ8 or 6CG7 and it work quite well (warning: consult your equipment manufacturer before experimenting). I actually preferred sound of ECC85 to ECC88 in all of the applications except for a driver tube. It appears to have less distortion than the later tube. Sound wise, Siemens is Siemens – Very transparent sound with good amount of body and huge sound stage. Very musical tube. Bass is solid and controlled. RECOMMENDED

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