Telefunken 12au7 Smooth Plates

Telefunken 12au7 Smooth Plates

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“Changed my stock tubes with Telefunken 12AU7. WOW… it smooths up upper freq. and vocal.” Read

“… generally speaking all the Telefunken 12A family tubes I’ve heard (‘X7s, ‘T7s, ‘U7s) are a bit bright, thin and airy sounding. ” Read

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One thought on “Telefunken 12au7 Smooth Plates

  1. A lot of love and hate for the tube. Some people absolutely hate the tube because of it’s thin and airy sound. Some people absolutely love the tube for its gentle and airy sound 🙂 Personally, I don’t think this tube works well for all type of music, but when it works – there is no other tube that can create the magic of Telefunken. The magic comes primarily from airiness – it’s like a bit of reverberation after a note is played. So the purists would say it’s not precise and I would agree, but music is not about precision – it’s about enjoyment and the airiness adds to the enjoyment significantly by making soundstage much bigger. Highly Recommended.

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