Mullard 12ax7 Short Plates (India)

Mullard 12ax7 Short Plates (India)

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2 thoughts on “Mullard 12ax7 Short Plates (India)

  1. Very nice tube – since it’s produced based on Mullards technology, there is a definite Mullard sound to the tube. Mids are practically the same, I actually preferred mids in Indian version a bit more (tiny fraction) because they were more liquid. HF is brighter than UK version, but again a very tiny bit. Overall a great tube. Since it’s produced in India, prices are not as high as UK version – so practically the same sound for less! Highly Recommended.

  2. Tubemaze– maybe if possible you could introduce 1/2 stars, so a tube could be rated as 4 1/2 stars? There are SO many tubes that are better than 4 stars, but they can’t ALL be 5 star ;0] I agree with you on the India ECC83; most of these were made at the BEL India tube factory in the late 60s and 1970s, using Dutch Philips/Mullard UK-supplied equipment and technology. (just like the great “Japanese Mullards” made by Matsushita and the “Canadian Mullards” which also use Dutch Philips/Mullard U.K. “transfer of Technology” or “TOT”) The BEL India ECC83s have the Philips/Mullard “house sound” in the treble– smooth and detailed with LOTS of “air” and spatial cues on top; while Telefunken treble can become a bit “silvery” or dry, this is never the case with the BEL India. What makes the BEL ECC83 a 4 1/2 star tube instead of 5 is its slightly thin lower midrange that makes acoustic guitar, cello, and piano sound ever so slightly less lifelike and with less “you are there” realism than a real UK Mullard. Still- BEL India ECC83s are a great bargain, and absolutely walk all over any current production 12AX7, often for much less money. A real sleeper 12ax7, and an “EicoEico spotlight tube”! These are often labeled and boxed as “National” in red/white boxes; BELs are excellent in phono preamps.

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