Sylvania JHS 5814 Gray Plates

Sylvania JHS 5814 Gray Plates

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“A very nice sounding tube. Brilliant midrange, good bass extension, and a little rolled-off on top.” Read

“…the tube wasn’t so much slowing things down as it was taking its own sweet time to show you all it had on offer.” Read

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4 thoughts on “Sylvania JHS 5814 Gray Plates

  1. And then there was…WOW. What an incredible tube – I think even Rap singers would sound like they are singing 🙂 You feel that singer is there and is giving a performance of her life. Kari Bremnes “Love in Berlin” sounded just incredible. The melody was just magical. It’s hard to find a tube that not just has better bass or more extended HF, but changes the sound and makes so much better!!! Absolutely fantastic tube. If there would be six start, this tube would get 6. It creates magic as Sylvania JHS 5751, but in a very different way. A must try tube.

  2. Tried this tube with Bottlehead Crack today. Just can’t stop being mesmerized by this tube. In the opening of Mozart’s Symphony 41 you can see why the tube impresses me so much. The delicacy with high the violins play and the slam of the bass that comes in later are just hard to compare to any other tube independent of the type. I put it against the giant of the tool RCA 5692 Red base from 1948. Sylvania held it’s own – the slam is not as huge as RCA, but at the same time RCA looses a bit of delicacy. It sells right now for ~$10 a tube, which is absolutely ridiculous. Get it before the knowledge about the tube spreads too wide.

  3. I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve continued to roll tubes. Also getting into 12ax7’s. I have trouble disagreeing with Nick’s assessments. This particular Sylvania 5814 is incredible. It put the 50’s Long Plate Foil Getter Amperex’s to shame – made them sound “industrial” and without sonic character.

    I wouldn’t call these tonally accurate, but a voicing that’s very pleasing and difficult to describe. Very involving mid-range that’s liquid, but still easy to watch and follow (not the “floating haze” that Mullards can give). Detail is on par with the best I’ve heard. Very strong bass —“Wow, I didn’t know my speakers could produce that much bass”. I’ve read people saying they have rolled-off highs, but I get good extension out of the 803D’s. Would recommend with any kind of music. Ambient music is a real treat with these.

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