Sylvania GB-6201 Gold Brand Black Plates

Sylvania GB-6201 Gold Brand Black Plates

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2 thoughts on “Sylvania GB-6201 Gold Brand Black Plates

  1. Wow!!! If you use 12at7, this is the tube to have – I’ve been rolling 12at7 recently with all the good stuff like Siemens E81CC & Telefunken ECC801S, but this tube put them all to shame. The sound stage is HUUUUGE, and then there is bass, bass, bass. It’s the tightest and deepest sounding bass that I had a pleasure to listen to. The rest of the sound is very natural and balanced. I have a special place in my heart for Gold Brand and this tube not only didn’t disappoint me, but it really delivered a home run. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  2. I have recently bought a pair of these and wanted to try it in my EL34 amp asap. Well, compared to Sylvania 12AT7WA triple mica black plates (my favourite), this one has slightly wider sounstage with stronger and better defined mid-bass frequencies. All in all it sounds more complete with a very powerful yet not muddy and very clear presentation. Recommended indeed!

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