Sylvania CHS 5963 Gray Plates

Sylvania CHS 5963 Gray Plates

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Very rare tube. No reviews found on Internet. Check out our reviews…

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2 thoughts on “Sylvania CHS 5963 Gray Plates

  1. Very solid tube. Very transparent with a beautiful music sound resembling GB 5814 with a crystal clear HF. Bass on the other hand is not as extended as the best tubes in the category making the tube sound a bit thin. The tube sounds better in MF than similar JHS 5963. So if you system is already bass heavy, go for it – it will balance things out and will add musicality, live and sparkle to your system

    It’s hard to find, but if you are lucky you can get it on Ebay for about $5 a piece since it’s a not well know tube.

  2. I tried it today as a driver tube in Dared-300B amp instead of input stage and what a difference it made. This tube can produce one of the larges and clearest sound stages that I’ve ever heard with the amp. Absolutely incredible. The weakness in the bass completely disappeared. I used JSH 5814 in the input stage. WOW. Absolutely unbelievable combination.

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