Sylvania 7N7 Black T-plates

Sylvania 7N7 Black T-plates

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One thought on “Sylvania 7N7 Black T-plates

  1. Hmmmm. I’m not sure how to rate this tube. One one hand it’s one of the best tubes that I listened to – on the other hand it’s one of the worst tubes. The tubes has T-plates like in 6SN7 bad boy tube, but the color is different – it’s mate compared to shine plates of the 6sn7 – although both are produced by Sylvania. The issue with this tube is that rolls of so incredibly early that a lot of information is lost and the tube sounds very unnatural. But… it’s one of the most musical and creamy tubes!!! When I played “Deep Within the Corners of My Mind” by Melody Gardot I just couldn’t believe that a sound without grain to that level could exist! Absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. So, depending on music you listen to, this tube could be a miracle or a disaster for your system.

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