RCA 7F7 Black Parallel plates

RCA 7F7 Black Parallel plates

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One thought on “RCA 7F7 Black Parallel plates

  1. So recently I decided to experiment with loctal triode tubes. I have quite a few of them and some of them looked very interesting and different structure wise to the 6SL7, which is its octal brother. I rolled a lot of my loctal tubes 7N7, 7AF7, 7F7 through a few of my amps – and I’m glad that I did. One tube completely blew me away! RCA 7F7 with parallel black plates. Air, Air, Air!!! This tube put even renowned Telefunken smooth plates to shame when it comes to air. Very natural sounding tube with tight bass and tremendous transparency. Very detailed and dynamic tube. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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