One thought on “Sylvania 6sn7GT Black T-Plates 2-holes Bad Boys

  1. A lot of discussions are around 3-holes vs 2-holes Sylvanias. Are they Bad Boys are they not Bad Boys.

    Here is a quote from Brent Jessee – owner of AudioTubes:
    “Later GT versions were in a medium glass envelope with a green label and blackplates with bottom getter, sometimes called the “Bad Boy” 6SN7, and are sought after for their excellent sonics. The Bad Boy tubes are virtually identical to the military VT-231 from the early 1950s and are currently a less expensive alternative, but this could change as the Bad Boy fad catches on! A side note about Bad Boys, there were versions with 2 rivet holes in each plate, and versions with 3 holes. Both types sound identical. Don’t fall for the bogus story that only the 3 rivet hole types are the true “Bad Boys”! You will miss out on some great sound from the 2 hole type, since the 3 hole versions are more difficult to find, more expensive elsewhere, and don’t sound any different! I suspect the “3-hole only” story got started by my competition to justify charging a higher price for these tubes!”

    I have to agree with that. I compared two Sylvanias which were identical except one had 2 holes and the other 3 holes. And the difference??? The only difference is the year of production. 🙂 2 hole version of from 1951, 3 hole version is from 1952. The sound identical. Both have bottom foil getter.

    Sylvania 6sn7GT Black T-Plates 3-holes Bad Boys

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