Sovtek 12ax7LPS Russia

Sovtek 12ax7LPS Russia
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“12AX7LP Sovtek tubes…very linear, has great looking curves…large full sound stage, very musical with great detail…smooth and involving” — Charles Kittleson, Editor, Vacuum Tube Valley

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One thought on “Sovtek 12ax7LPS Russia

  1. Good tube from Sovtek. The special construction of a 12ax7 tube with spiral heater LPS stands for (Long Plate Spiral). This allows to reduce hum in amplifiers with AC powered heater. The tube is very similar in sound to Mullard 12ax7 Reissue – overall warm sound with good bass, but in some system, it could be a bit heavy on the bass; however, not very transparent. The sound stage is wide and well defined, but not as wide and holographic as English Mullard. Due to its long plate structure, the tube is prone to microphonics, and the older it gets, the more pronounced it could become. A shorter version also exists, 12ax7WC, but it doesn’t sound as full as LPS.

    The tube can sound a bit thin in the beginning, but after a few days of burn-in, the tube settles on smoother and fuller sound.

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