Siemens 12ax7 Long Plates

Siemens 12ax7 Long Plates

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2 thoughts on “Siemens 12ax7 Long Plates

  1. Another beauty!!! The sound is very similar to Amperex Long Plates from the same time period. The tube that I tried was O getter with dual support from 1960. Beautiful sound, very detailed, extremely transparent, great body and to die for mids. I just wanted to continue listening to it. Very gentle presentations of female voice and great tight bass is not something often encountered in a tube. Much more body than renowned Telefunken, although not as much air. Highly Recommended.

  2. Even better than the 1960 Siemens ECC83 (which are pretty great themselves!) are the mid 1950s Siemens Und Halske ECC83s which have the date code printed on the bottom rather than etched on the side near the pins. The mid 1950s version, which was mentioned in a tube forum… the review got reposted and cross-posted and hence prices went from very reasonable for a 1950s long plate, that was made in limited numbers, to INSANE prices. I have seen used/good examples of 1956 S&H long plate ECC83s fetch over $200! They are nice, but not THAT nice…

    These Siemens tubes have a very desirable sonic profile; they bridge the gap between the cage getter Mc1 Mullard ECC83 and the Telefunken ECC83. They have the neutrality, inner detail, and wide bandwidth of Telefunken ECC83s and add a measure of the midrange texture, depth, and harmonic richness that the Mullards have in spades. A great tube well worth trying out.

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