ShuGuang/Ruby 12au7 Gray Plates

ShuGuang/Ruby 12au7 Gray Plates

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ShuGuang/Ruby 12au7 Gray PlatesLoading...

“They made my amp sound lifeless. Someone once used the term, “sounds like a cardboard box”, that’s what comes to mind.” Read

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2 thoughts on “ShuGuang/Ruby 12au7 Gray Plates

  1. I decided to give these tubes a try. It was downtime for me, so why not I thought – maybe they are half decent – and decent they are not. Although construction looked quite nice. Triple mica, supporting rods. What a huge waist of time – I gave them all time I could (2 hours) without ripping my ears out. The sound is lifeless – it’s like going back to solid state. High frequencies are brittle – there is no nationality in the sound. Sound stage is as flat as I’ve ever encountered it with tube amps. A very painful experience. So if you get them with your amp as base tubes – rip them out ASAP and put something better – don’t waist your life listening to crap.

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