3 thoughts on “ShuGuang 12AX7

  1. Another day another Chinese tube review. I guess I feel adventurous to pull out Sylvania GB 5751 🙂 The story repeats itself. It’s not as bad as with 12au7. These tubes are a bit warmer, but not by much. I couldn’t detect brittleness in HF, but it’s possible because these tubes were not in the preamp, but in the driver section (as they should be). The sound is to SS-ish (solid state-ish that is :)). The life is gone, the sound stage has shrunk considerably – I can hear my speakers playing. The tubes I used were from McIntosh, so they were supposed to be handpicked for low noise and better performance – better they are not. If you need to get a sound, stay with SS. If you want to enjoy music – stay away from these tubes. Next to come for review ShuGuang 😉

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