RFT 12au7 Angled Getter

RFT 12au7 Angled Getter

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” linear, clean but just a bit clinical and hard sounding. Good transparency and detail.” Read

“Silky sweet high, extremly detailed mid but a litle bass shy. See trough, great soundstage wide and deep without any sign of agression. ” Read

” It was polite, smooth and accurate.” Read

“They’re on the tonally “neutral” side, with excellent clarity and good extension top to bottom.” Read

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One thought on “RFT 12au7 Angled Getter

  1. Lots of reviews on the web about this tube. A lot of them a quite good. I wasn’t as impressed. The sound is very similar to Telefunken without Tele’s precision and instrument separation . When placed in a preamp, the sound was airy. Mids were not as sweet as Tele. One big issue I’ve noticed, if you are using it with headphone amp (like Crack), the tubes is very bright – it doesn’t land itself to prolonged listening. So good tube for vintage systems with darker sound, but be careful for the more modern systems – it can over-brighten them to the point of sharpness. It’s fairly cheap (~$10 a tube), so give it a try.

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