RCA 5751 Black Plates Triple Mica

RCA 5751 Black Plates Triple Mica

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“These are old and fine 1950s vintage blackplates, quality on par with the blackplate RCA 12AX7 tubes, and are excellent, sweet sounding subs for the hard-to-find 12AX7. 3 mica spacers with extra side support rods, and the distinctive square getter all add up to vintage quality that will never be made again.” Read

“These are probably the best for Pink Floyd. I hate them for heavy metal though, it sounds muffled. The vocals and highs aren’t really as dynamic as with the Raytheon. Altogether, this is a nice tube for the money. It certainly beats up a lot of others I have experienced.” Read

“The RCA has a nice big and wet bass. It has a rich and creamy midrange which controls sibilants well. On the downside, brass lacks bite and dynamically, this tube sounds a little bit slow.” Read

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One thought on “RCA 5751 Black Plates Triple Mica

  1. Used this in McIntosh & Dared VP-300B, both with fantastic results. This is one of the best tubes that I’ve used.Great clarity and warmth. I still prefer Telefunken 12ax7 long smooth plates as V1 in MC, but the difference in sound is 2-3%. I have two versions one with a supporting rod and the other one is not. SQ wise, they are exactly the same.

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