Raytheon 6414 Black Plates

Raytheon 6414 Black Plates

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An industrial, computer rated dual triode… This tube is also like a 12AV7 and will work wonders in any 12AT7 spot, and may be just the ticket if you want to boost the gain of a 12AU7 circuit” Read

“6414’s are still used by MANLEY in some of their tube pro (studio) gear and also in some VTL amps, thus this tube should have some audio merits. Certainly worth a try.”

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2 thoughts on “Raytheon 6414 Black Plates

  1. I used this in McIntosh 275. Overall a great looking tube with great sound quality – warm and rich sounding with great transparent top. However, it’s not as transparent as Telefunken 12at7 short, gray smooth plates. The difference in sound maybe 10%.

  2. Also tried it in Dared VP-300B. The same results – good sound, but transparency is not as good as the best tubes out there. Compared it to RCA 5963 – RCA is a clear winner, but again the difference is 5% – hardly noticeable.

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