RCA 5687 flat mate plates

RCA 5687 flat mate plates

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Are you kidding me? No reviews – I don’t think many people know that tube exists!

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One thought on “RCA 5687 flat mate plates

  1. Wow!!! I was going through archeological dig or my 12au7 pile and found a tube, put on my “cool looking” overhead magnifying glass (well I do like a dork when I ware it) – flat mate plates, looks very RCAish, but very long copper rods gave away its lineage. More investigation and YES! It is the elusive RCA 5687 flat plates!!! Honestly, I didn’t know that the freaking thing existed 🙂

    Very nice sounding tube – pure RCA sound, very rich, very creamy, but one of the best attributes of the tube – it kicks like a mule! Bass is very fast and superbly strong. I wouldn’t way that the tube blew me away, but it’s a great tube nonetheless. True essence of the vintage sound. RECOMMENDED.

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