One thought on “RCA 211/VT-4-C USA

  1. As far as 211 tubes go, this is one of the kings of the hill. Beautiful rich sound with strong bass. Midrange could be too warm with these tubes in some set ups. Making vocals sound too rich though.

    The only issue with these tubes is their price – they are going for ridiculous amount of money on Ebay and even then they are really hard to find – not surprising for tubes from 1940s (although they’ve been produced till 1970s). So save a bit and get the same results, I would recommend going with GE 211 tubes. Very similar sound, but a bit thinner on the bottom end, but GE has more delicate mid-range – to recreate richness of RCA with GE, you can easily use warmer tubes in the preamp or driver section – getting the same result with GE as with RCA and saving a bunch of money.

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