One thought on “LP Gear AT-95SA Phono Cartridge Shibata

  1. Tried this cartridge in two turn tables – both results were unsuccessful. The tables were Pro-ject 9.2 Evolution and Technics SL-1200 MK3. The cartridge has Shibata stylus, but even that didn’t help much. The cartridge is very up front sounding – reminded me like I got back to CD instead of enjoying a beautiful sound of vinyl. Bass bass strong but not very well structured and the top was very bright. Another problem is that mid-range is very condensed and thin. Things didn’t improve even after 100 hours of burn in. Despite all the attempts to load the cartridge with low capacitance and very low capacitance cables (20pf), the cartridge was one of the worst that I tried in my system. At a price of $150, I expected much more. Another cartridge that I tried in the same set up Ortofon 2M Red sounded great.

    Also be careful when you buy from LP Gear, they don’t stand behind the products that they offer and do not offer returns – quite a disappointment and my last purchase from them. So if the cartridge doesn’t work for you, you are stuck. Go to – much more pleasant company to work with.

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