2 thoughts on “Raytheon CRP 5814 Black Plates D-getter

  1. Another fantastic example of how tubes are supposed to be done. This one is as rare as they come. A bit rolled off on the top, but does it have a huge sound stage or what?!?! Just phenomenal, life like image with superb separation of each instrument and to die for dynamics. Compared to the later versions of Raytheon 5814, this one doesn’t scarifies dynamics for the lack of bass, very balanced presentation. Even the top, although rolled off, but is so precise and clear it’s hard to compare it to other lesser tubes. Not as much warmth as RCA 12au7 for example, but there is not messiness either. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  2. The Raytheon 5814 is DEFINITELY a great 12AU7 type. I love them in amplifier input stages and tube linestage preamps, where they open a totally transparent window onto well-recorded music. This is a high-detail, 3-d tube. If your tube budget allows you to experiment with the less common variants of 12AU7, then 5814 tubes like Raytheon 5814 are a great place to start. The RCA 6189 is also great, better than the regular RCA 12AU7. ALSO–If you can FIND them, the CBS/Hytron type 7730 gold pin premium 12AU7 type has a unique and tremendously musical presentation, and the 7730 sounds great in medium to high gain applications like linestage and phono preamp circuits. Occasionally, tubes that sound great in low gain applications like phase splitter circuits, inputs of hifi tube amps, headphone amps, and tube buffers.. some of these tubes will not sound quite as good in medium to high gain circuits; both the Raytheon 5814 and Hytron 7730 DO. If you are unsure, consult a trusted tube seller who listens to the musical qualities of the tubes he has for sale. Also–As much as I love Raytheon 5814s, when I have to stick to a budget, I have often found that the standard black plate Raytheon 12AU7 with the rectangular getter sounds absolutely magical in ALL applications. It is inexpensive, and if you purchase from a reliable tube dealer you can get non-microphonic ones easily (on ebay and other sites, TRY to ONLY buy from sellers who state in their listings that they listen to the tubes they sell for audio quality and noise issues; VERY important!) Anyway, standard Raytheon 12AU7s have a slightly warmer midrange and more sparkle on top than almost ANY other 12AU7 I have tried. If you are on a budget and want a detailed, slightly warm, wide bandwidth 12AU7, the Raytheon 12AU7 is for you. There are many good 12AU7s, very few truly bad 12AU7s, but the Raytheon 5814 and standard 12AU7s are both very much GOOD 12AU7 types!

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