Brimar 6SN7GT Gray Round Plates

Brimar 6SN7GT Gray Round Plates

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“I am now listening to the Brimar CV1988 tubes. They are awesome! ” Read

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2 thoughts on “Brimar 6SN7GT Gray Round Plates

  1. This is truly is an amazing tube – open, transparent, powerful, dynamic. This is now my favorite 6sn7 tube – and definitely one of my favorite tubes from all tube types. I usually roll through the tubes very quickly, but this one I left in for a few days – just couldn’t stop listening – this tube has a huge sound stage and life-like image that’s very hard to match. Brimar is very often an overlooked tube brand since it was never imported into the US, but all tube lovers need to take a closer look at the brand and the tubes they make. Evey single Brimar tube that I used impressed me immensely. There is a lot of talk about Mullard, but this neighbor of Mullard is a step up in the majority of cases. They sell right now for a fair price for such a supper tube, so if you need something special, seek it out, you will not be disappointed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. Brimar is a member of BVA, British Valve Association, along with Mullard, STC and GEC. Brimar is relatively unknown in the USA but made some truly outstanding tubes. The Brimar CV1988 is one of their most well known tubes here in the USA; it is an excellent 6SN7 type with an engaging, textured, 3-D midrange that rightly makes the CV1988 a hifi legend and one of my “go to” 6SN7 tubes for any application. Less well known are the EXCELLENT Brimar CV4004 UK milspec ECC83/12AX7, and the 13D5. Type 13D5 is Brimar’s fabulous premium-version, factory selected-stock 12AU7. Especially well-suited for linestage preamplifiers, the 13D5 offers an almost 6SN7 sound in a 9 pin format and is an excellent choice for octal tube lovers who have a piece of equipment that requires a 12AU7. Brimar’s 13D5 is known for consistency from tube to tube, a sign of tight quality control, and sonically it is rather neutral yet layered and spacious in the upper midrange; a real winner that is still very much affordable. Brimar’s CV4004 is a decent sounding ECC83 type, but it was never made in very large quantities and thus typically costs $80 to $110 for a single tube…and for that kind of money, there are better ECC83s out there. However, with the CV1988, 13D5, and the legenday Brimar “T” labeled audio tubes (T for TRUSTWORTHY! A series of factory-selected low noise, high Gm, low microphonics hifi tubes) Brimar is a tube company well worth learning more about. Oh… and about those great “T” series tubes; the T6060 is one of the very best 12AT7s ever made! If you use 12AT7s, “Trust” the quality of Brimar’s T6060!!

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