One thought on “Psvane 12au7-T

  1. A lot of positive press around these tubes. I received a matched quad a couple of days ago. Turned off the pre-amp, took out the mullards, left the volume level unchanged, and popped in the “Grade-A Psvane 12AU7-T Mark 2’s” into the pre-amp.

    The music immediately jumped out of the speakers. These are ambitious tubes – lively, extremely DYNAMIC, and crystal clear. They also provide a dead quiet background, while the soundstage is precise and the vocals are realistic.

    Some drawbacks depending on your preferences: they’re high frequency dominant and they don’t “immerse you” like Mullards or “charm you” like Amperex. They ask you to sit there and pay attention while they put on a show. I’ve had 8-10 hours on these and I’ve experienced everything from being awe struck to just plain worn out.

    I keep wrestling with the idea of whether they sound solid state-ish or not due to their sheer accuracy, precision and aggressive dynamics, but not sure that would be fair as they deliver a good dose of “analog”.

    The Psvane’s have some excellent qualities. Vocals and instrumentals like keyboard strikes are crystal clear. At the same time, the soundstage is missing depth and intimacy, while the presentation is altogether a bit too bright.

    Psvane 12AU7T (Mark 2) – 4 Stars

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