Philips ECC40 Wrinkled Glass 1956

Philips ECC40 Wrinkled Glass 1956

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One thought on “Philips ECC40 Wrinkled Glass 1956

  1. One of my all-time favorite tubes, but practically unknown by anybody. Although it says Mullard and BVA, the date code is LC2 +6K, so it’s made by Philips in Holland. This tube has so many cool features in it. Round foil getter (the only tube I have with this kind of getter) and a very large one. Wrinkled Glass, which I saw before only in Mullard’s Mitcham production tubes from the mid 1950s. The base of the tubes looks really cool, with a fat glass base and a glass guiding pin!

    The sound of this tube is very dynamic, I would say it’s the most dynamic tube I have, very transparent, smooth, and musical tube.

    ECC40 has a gain of 32, so it puts it between 12au7 and 12at7 – with an adapter I was able to use to replace either of these 2 tubes with great success. It was designed primarily in audio frequency amplifiers. Later on, it was replaced by a 6sn7 tube.

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