Philips CV491/12au7 short plates O-getter

Philips CV491/12au7 short plates O-getter

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One thought on “Philips CV491/12au7 short plates O-getter

  1. I recently found a bunch of these tubes. CV491 is a special – military spec version of ECC82/12au7 tube and is considered one of the best sounding 12au7 tubes – especially considering such gems as Mullard or Brimar long plates CV491. This tube didn’t let the family down 🙂

    The tube is branded Philips, and it’s definitely philips with Harleen factory date codes – so no confusion with British tubes here. It sounded fantastic, very tight, precise and deep bass, superb midrange (definitely made by Philips) and fantastic transparency with great top extension. Dynamics and sound wise, this tube sounds practically the same as Amperex 7316 short plates – which says a lot! I compared the visually and couldn’t find any internal differences, but that could be said about a lot of Philips/Amperex tubes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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