Penta Labs KT88SC

Penta Labs KT88SC

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Penta Labs KT88SCLoading...

“…but they are excellent tubes in my system and the best new production tubes I have tried.” Read

“Penta Labs seem to be the right combination of an organic sound combined with detail and transparency, as in low level information is readily apparent but not shoved in your face. ” Read

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One thought on “Penta Labs KT88SC

  1. Another new production tube, but this time it comes very close to the sound of old stock. If you are interested in getting Penta’s, you need to get the solid plate version – not the one with 3 holes in the plates. Penta’s KT88 provides very transparent sound, great sound stage and much better HF sweetness than Electro-Harmonix. It’s not as focused as the old stock tubes, but much more affordable. One of the major strengths of Pentas is that they have great balance between tightness, warmth and dryness. Much harder to find than the other new production tubes, but find them you must. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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