Electro-Harmonix KT88

Electro-Harmonix KT88

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“Dynamic and realistic sound, but not as subtle and full-up.” Read

“It offers more color, more depth, more refined highs, and a tighter bottom end. The sound is richer, fuller, and more exciting.” Read

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2 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix KT88

  1. Rolling power tubes is hard and not as rewarding as preamp tubes. First, rolling provides very subtle changes in should and more based on the feeling of music than the actual response in various frequency ranges. Electro-Harmonix, being the new production tube, suffers from the same issues as its line of the preamp tubes, but since old stock is very scares and very expensive, new production for the majority of people is the only way to go. So how does it sound? It’s quite good. Very transparent sound with dynamic presentation and very solid bass. The area where EH suffers the most is that it doesn’t have the sweetness of some other tubes in the KT88 family which creates a significant level of dryness in the sound. Considering the price of the tube, it’s definitely worth trying it. This is the default tube that is shipped with McIntosh 275 amps (the reissue version). RECOMMENDED

  2. I tried these cryo treated in my PrimaLuna and these were great. Really like the soundstage – very good and wide with all instruments located with ease. Great tubes for the price.

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