One thought on “Mullard KT88 Russia

  1. From New Sensor:
    “KT88 Mullard is an exact copy of the KT88 valves that were manufactured by Marconi-Osram for Marshall in the late 1960s and 1970s. Excellent replacement output valve for the Marshall Major to retain the original sound.”

    This tube looks exactly as Genalex KT88 and sounds practically the same – a bit warmer in mid-range, a bit stronger in the bass. It looks like plate material looks a bit different, but nothing major. The major difference is that Genalex uses Copper rods for both grids and Mullard uses regular metal or aluminum rods. Considering that copper has higher thermal conductivity (about 2x of other metals) that should help in dissipating heat through grid fins on the top.

    The overall very positive impression of the tube. Considering that it’s a bit cheaper than Genalex, it’s definitely a fantastic tube.

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