2 thoughts on “Mullard 12ax7/CV4004 Short Plates Russia

  1. New Sensor just released a new 12ax7 tube – They called it Mullard CV4004/12ax7. Compared to the original Mullard reissue 12ax7 tube, this one has short plates.

    From New Sensor:
    “CV4004/12AX7 Mullard is a high gain, low noise valve with a short plate structure for reduced microphonics. Excellent for use in high gain Marshall pre-amplifier circuits where noise and microphonics can be a problem. ”

    New Sensor is promoting this as a great tube for guitar gear and long plates version for hi-fi.

    Our initial tests showed that the tubes have a similar sound to long plates versions – very nice and warm. Very low noise in the range of -83-86 dB, where long plate version is much noisier and has to be screened carefully. But that comes at a price of gain. Long plates version usually has a gain of 95-105, where these tubes measure around 90-94. Very low microphonics – the tube is dead quiet.

    We will continue using and testing the tubes and will provide more information.

  2. I ordered a pair and will post my impression after they settle in. I have a pair of the old Groove Tube 12AX7-M and Blackburn Mullard’s too.

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