Mullard EF37/6J7GT Red bottle

Mullard EF37/6J7GT Red bottle

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One thought on “Mullard EF37/6J7GT Red bottle

  1. So I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with different drivers for by 300B amplifier. A lot of interesting tubes out there that make the amp sing, but recently I came across EF37 from Mullard and a very early version of the tube without A version at the end. EF37 is a drop in equivalent for 6J7 tube which is quite popular as a driver for 2A3 and 300B. Previously I had 417A in the amp (reviews on these tubes in the future), but replaced it with EF37 in triode mode and was very pleased with results. EF37 sounds more relaxed and more open compared to a lot of other tubes that I’ve tried. So overall sound, very detailed, powerful bass, relaxed and delicate mirage with fantastic sound stage. Hard to ask for more 🙂 Oh, and that red paint makes it look HOT!

    Also the first computer, Colossus, built for code breaking during WWII made great use of these valves, which makes it even cooler 🙂

    So all in all, this is the best 6J7 tube I I’ve tried so far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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