Brimar 6057/12ax7 Black Plates []-getter

Brimar 6057/12ax7 Black Plates []-getter

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Brimar 6057/12ax7 Black Plates []-getterLoading...

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One thought on “Brimar 6057/12ax7 Black Plates []-getter

  1. Superb tube – so much character and complexity! Definitely this is one of the handful tubes that I would count as the best of the best of 12ax7 family. This is the warmest Brimar that I experienced so far, but doesn’t loose details in the process of “warming up”. Very complex sound with fantastic separation of instruments and layering of sounds, where not even a single not gets garbled. Internal structure of the tube also deserves some attention – if you look close enough at the picture, you will see that the plate is not a complete -[]- shape, but just a part of it -[]. I don’t know if that affects sound somehow – very unlikely, but cool looking plate. The tubes that I have has the famous Yellow T (“Trustworthy”) sticker, which indicates tube of a special quality. Considering that 6057 already indicates special quality 12ax7 addition of T makes it super special 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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