Mullard 12au7 Short Plates (India)

Mullard 12au7 Short Plates (India)

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“…this tube was actually manufactured in the Mullard factory in India. Still a fantastic tube and delivers that glorious midrange you’d expect from Mullard.”

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One thought on “Mullard 12au7 Short Plates (India)

  1. That was quite a surprise. I wanted to finish rolling Mullards and decided to compare Mulalrd 12au7 Blackburn with one made in India. To my huge surprise, prepared by differences rolling 12ax7 version of Mullard, this tube didn’t have any difference in sound to Blackburn at all!!! It didn’t have any of the identifications of Blackburn factory, but the sound was exactly the same – it’s like I haven’t switched tubes. Highly Recommended – especially considering the price!

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