Mullard 12au7 10M Series

Mullard 12au7 10M Series

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“…Goldmember was a tour de force of tonal evenness and involvement. …” Read

“This tube is by far the most impressive among the 10 tubes being evaluated” Read

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One thought on “Mullard 12au7 10M Series

  1. What can I say… this is the icon, the legend, the tube that everybody wants, but few can afford. It’s a superb tube, very balanced across the whole spectrum. Very tight, superb bass – the best I’ve heard. However… This is the tube that like many tubes created in 70s tries to scarifies warmth for speed, so vocals are sacrificed as a result. Is it as good as the other leaders in the category? Let’s see, Mullard 12au7 Long Plates, has more warmth making music more inviting. Amperex 7316 long plates has more gentleness, making the music more personal. CBS-Hytron & Ken-Rad 5814 and more strength and are more liquid. This tube is like Amperex 7316 and Siemens 5814 is fast, dynamic and… very close to a great solid state system. Not my cup of tea. However, this is a fantastic tubes that will make some systems sing! Sound stage is very wide and precise (very rare occurrence) . RECOMMENDED

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