Marconi JAN 6V6G Smoked Glass

Marconi JAN 6V6G Smoked Glass

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“I swapped for my Marconi’s and the difference was quite astounding.”

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One thought on “Marconi JAN 6V6G Smoked Glass

  1. I try to stay away from 6V6 tubes just because they don’t provide much power in my Hi-Fi gear, but this tube I just couldn’t stay away from. First of all, it’s Marconi – the legendary brand. This tube is created in Canada, so keep that in mind. When it came to sound I was completely floored. The tube is not just good – it’s one of the best sound power tubes that I’ve ever tried, the sound is so incredibly transparent and musical that I fell immediately in love. The tube does everything right. The bass is rich and extended, the top is sweet and the midrange is… well you can hear every single note, every single breath, every single change in inflections. This is one of the power tubes that makes a very large difference in an amp – the majority of them make a difference, but it’s very small. Time to make a DIY amp specifically for the tube. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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